Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Favors!

Beka and I spent most of today getting ready for Mercedes birthday party tomorrow. Several years ago our friend Vicky who owns Obento Sushi told us about dessert sushi and how we could make it with rice krispy treats and candy. We thought it would be a fun party favor for everyone, so first thing this morning we were mixing up the ingredients for rice krispy treats and flattened them out into a cookie sheet.

Then we unrolled a fruit roll up and cut a square of the treats a little bit smaller than the fruit roll. We put some gummi worms and licorice in the centers and rolled them together.

After we had them all ready, we sliced them crosswise to make little pieces of dessert sushi. They are so cute, and they taste really good! The kids wouldn't leave us alone to finish making it, they kept begging us for pieces.

They hardly took any time to make, I thought it was going to be a big project, but it turned out to be quite fast. So then we started baking the cake for tomorrow. It will be a pagoda. Are you starting to see the theme? Tomorrow we will roll the sushi, California rolls, Chicken cutlet and spicy peanut sauce and salmon and cream cheese. Yummmmmm! I love sushi!


jen duncan said...

That is SO very cute and clever! I hope I remember it ;-)
Have big fun. :-)

BrendaLou said...

It looks so good--get a photo of the sushi "goodie bags too!" Can't wait to see the cake. Have a wonderful time at the party and be sure to take pics of the kids.