Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Cruising time again!

It's time to cruise again! Well, almost! We had so much fun on our last cruise to Alaska, that we have already booked the next one. Our wonderful travel agent, MJ Bryant of AK2TRVL vacations has us all set for our Quilting Retreat on board Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas, sailing from Los Angeles on Feb. 27, 2011, for a 7 day quilting cruise! The Mariner is one of the most exciting ships in Royal Caribbeans fleet, with an ice skating rink, miniature golf, rock climbing wall, basketball court and much more! Don't forget the state of the art conference center which has been reserved for Scottie Dog Quilts!

Here's a picture of the room I booked for my husband, Sydney and I. We had a great family vacation on the last cruise. Steve had plenty to keep him busy on the days that I sewed away in the sewing room, and Sydney had a blast on the "big ship."

Karen Lovie made her version of the quilt project with a beautiful Bali Pop. Projects for the cruise are timed so that you will have time to go home with a completed project and still enjoy all the ship and ports have to offer.
Families are welcome, here are three generations that went on the Alsakan Quilting Cruise.

Here's Paula on her way back down the rock climbing wall. She made it look so easy, until I gave it a try and realized it's harder than it looks.

MJ has secured us fabulous pricing starting at $749 for inside cabins. This price includes all port fees, govt. taxes and quilting classes/activities. We will set sail from LA and visit Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. Come Feburary, I will definitely be ready for a warm, summery vacation! Bring a friend, or your whole family, and come quilt with Scottie Dog Quilts! And a special gift for all cabins booked by Nov. 9th, 2009, a $5o Scottie Dog Quilts gift certificate per cabin! Call MJ or the store for more info.
MJ Bryant 888/278-7875
Scottie Dog Quilts 707 444-9662

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Market Fun

Michael Miller's booth at Market was completely Gnome themed. Little hedges, a little tear drop trailer (in red polka dots!!!!!) and a roaming gnome. It was a very cute theme, and a new fabric line to support the idea. The roaming gnome fabric was adorable and had some great pieces to blend with it. Did we order it? Of course!
For their tenth anniversary, Michael Miller has brought back some old favorites and reprinted. Here are a couple of the ones we ordered. How to get a husband was one of fastest selling fabrics we have ever had in the store.

If She Sews She Knows was another record setting fabric we carried. It was the inspiration for my blog. I always thought this fabric said it all and now it's back! We should have these great fabrics in the store any day.

There's this booth at market that always has these incredible buttons. I love to look at them, they are so purty. I'll take one of each, please!
We go to quilt market to find all of the newest things, search the new trends and buy all kinds of goodies to stock the store. But right there through a wide open doorway is the biggest quilt show, already hung in preperation for the following week's Quilt Festival. The ribbon's haven't been awarded yet, that doesn't happen until the Tuesday's winner's circle. But I always try to sneak in a little time to go walk the show. This is a quilt that struck my interest. Of course the picture doesn't even begin to do it justice, but in person, it was one of the most interesting quilts. I was really drawn to the layers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This little girlie went to market, and to Floresville to drive a tractor!

One of the great things about market is experiencing the new fabric lines the way that the designer wants you to experience it. There is a feeling evoked when you're looking at something new and seeing carded samples at a desk just doesn't give the same vibe as standing in the middle of the designer's booth. This is a corner of Heather Bailey's booth. She won first place for best individual booth. Not to shabby and not at all surprising. Amy Butler was right behind in second place. Also not a surprise. Those two girls are definitely always at the top of my must-order list. Heather's booth was filled with great samples made from the newest line, Nicey Jane. New patterns were present as well.

Here's her new turtle pattern. A fun play toy, or a super-fly pincushion. (Did I really just say super-fly?) It must be because it's 1 a.m.
Anyhoo, moving on. Moda always has a theme and decorates to no end. This years theme was Beach Blanket Bingo. Everything was beach themed and we of course played bingo at the Moda dinner.

Today we had a VERY early morning meeting and then took some time off from working to drive out to a little town outside of San Antonio. Our friends Tom & Tracy Rickstrew and their son Riley moved to Floresville last year and Tom joined the family business. Tracy delivered baby Abram six months ago and he is just the sweetest thing. He's so smiley and happy!
So, we were standing around when a woman who had come to the farm to buy was pulling away and I asked a question about what she had bought. Suddenly Big Tom was showing me a seat on the Kubota and I was off and running on the farm tour. It turns out that the very little that I knew about hay farming was totally wrong and it was actually quite interesting. Before I knew it, I was taking this tractor out for a spin. The inside of that tractor is quite fancy, mind you. They sure don't mess around when it comes to the farm equipment. That's Riley in the bucket there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market drunk

I'm totally buzzed from Market. I'm overdosing on creativeness! Did it really just start this morning? Has it only been one day? I love the frenzy of it all, every day here feels like several because we pack so much in!
Here's some samplings in the Alexander Henry booth. It was too busy to make an order today, but I knew we needed some new pinup gals. I found some of these classics while I was thumbing through the rack. FutureELLA!, Sexy Cowgirls, funky owls, and more. I took a picture so I would remember to order these tomorrow.

Amy Butler of course has gorgeous new prints that will be shipping later this fall. They are happy and sexy and full of love. I'm so excited about them. They feel like the new morning after a rainy night!

Jay McCaroll, season one winner of Project Runway was promoting his new line. Jay is a blast! I met Jay last year and have to admit, I had no idea who he was. All I knew was that I had to meet this guy that had me about to pee my pants from laughing so hard at the conversation that I was overhearing. He is so energetic and fun and you could never have a bad day around him. My four year old would say, "Jay's the best!" And he is. Jay's new show "Celebrity Fit Club" will be starting in Feb. It's everything a trashy reality show should be and I can't wait to watch.

This is one of Pat Durbin's projects in her new book. We were able to see the mock-up of the book which will be released in Dec. We will be hosting a book signing party for Pat so you can come and celebrate with her and get your autographed copy of the new book!

Dinner at the Moda party was fabulous as usual. The beach blanket bingo was in full swing. Here's my bingo cards. I didn't fare so well at the bingo, but excelled at having a swingin' time. It's probably a good thing I didn't win. Somehow the winners were all finagled into getting on stage and uh-oh.....doing the Macarena. Now, it pleased me to realize that I couldn't remember how it goes. It did not please me to realize that apparently doing the macarena is like riding a bike. It comes right back. I guess that one will be hiding in my subconscious ready to bust itself out after hearing a few beats of the song. Dang. Anyway, Moda always knows how to throw a party. The only thing missing was my good friend Marie, owner of Runs With Scissors Quilt Shop. She is a blur of dancing queenness on the dance floor. She really knows how to get a party started!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A totally inspiring day!

Today was awesome! Being surrounded by all of the best designers and seeing the newest collections of fabric makes for a girl giddy with excitement! I can't wait to get my hands on all the new stuff! Heather Bailey has an amazing new line called "Nicey Jane." She painted a picture of a nice girl who goes for walks with her boyfriend. He brings her roses and they are blissfully happy.......Sigh.... You can't help but smile when you are around Heather. She has an infectuous smile and it's hard to catch her without it. Anyway, new patterns from her, fabulous colors, it was heavenly.

Here are new bags from Amy Butler's new collection. I have simply fallen in love. And in Amy's words, "It's all about Love" And she means it! She has a great new free download on her website for a "Sexy Hexy Love Quilt." It's absolutely gorgeous and is a must make quilt.

Here's the Sweet Harmony Handbag

More great hand bags from Amy Butler. I can't wait to make my own!

Here's Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson showing the Accuquilt GO products. Lots of new GO dies have been added, making the GO a really usable product. We should have these in the store soon, ready for Christmas!

Anna Maria Horner had a great new fabric line and new patterns. I didn't get any pictures, I was too busy ogling her new baby! He's such a cutie!

There were a million other great new products and ideas, my head is bursting at the seams!

After a long day of vivid colors, wonderful inspirations and seeing old friends, we headed off for a quick bite at a local Chinese restaurant that boasts "off the menu" meals. They are a family business with deep roots here in Houston and they want to make your experience unforgettable.

Then it was off to Sample Spree. An hour and a half of mayhem and madness, rushing to get the sample goods for you! This is a chance to buy cut goods long before they are available in the stores. And let me tell you- it is madness. A proper event it is not....but worth it to bring home exciting goodies. And one thing we were able to get was Bali pops. We have been unable to get these into the store for weeks, but we have many new colors that we will schlep back to Eureka on the plane. And we do it all for you!

So now, I am off to bed, for tomorrow a very busy day awaits. I will tell you more about it tomorrow night.