Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market drunk

I'm totally buzzed from Market. I'm overdosing on creativeness! Did it really just start this morning? Has it only been one day? I love the frenzy of it all, every day here feels like several because we pack so much in!
Here's some samplings in the Alexander Henry booth. It was too busy to make an order today, but I knew we needed some new pinup gals. I found some of these classics while I was thumbing through the rack. FutureELLA!, Sexy Cowgirls, funky owls, and more. I took a picture so I would remember to order these tomorrow.

Amy Butler of course has gorgeous new prints that will be shipping later this fall. They are happy and sexy and full of love. I'm so excited about them. They feel like the new morning after a rainy night!

Jay McCaroll, season one winner of Project Runway was promoting his new line. Jay is a blast! I met Jay last year and have to admit, I had no idea who he was. All I knew was that I had to meet this guy that had me about to pee my pants from laughing so hard at the conversation that I was overhearing. He is so energetic and fun and you could never have a bad day around him. My four year old would say, "Jay's the best!" And he is. Jay's new show "Celebrity Fit Club" will be starting in Feb. It's everything a trashy reality show should be and I can't wait to watch.

This is one of Pat Durbin's projects in her new book. We were able to see the mock-up of the book which will be released in Dec. We will be hosting a book signing party for Pat so you can come and celebrate with her and get your autographed copy of the new book!

Dinner at the Moda party was fabulous as usual. The beach blanket bingo was in full swing. Here's my bingo cards. I didn't fare so well at the bingo, but excelled at having a swingin' time. It's probably a good thing I didn't win. Somehow the winners were all finagled into getting on stage and uh-oh.....doing the Macarena. Now, it pleased me to realize that I couldn't remember how it goes. It did not please me to realize that apparently doing the macarena is like riding a bike. It comes right back. I guess that one will be hiding in my subconscious ready to bust itself out after hearing a few beats of the song. Dang. Anyway, Moda always knows how to throw a party. The only thing missing was my good friend Marie, owner of Runs With Scissors Quilt Shop. She is a blur of dancing queenness on the dance floor. She really knows how to get a party started!


Bev said...

Love that blue Amy Butler fabric!! Wowza!

My name is Wendy . . . said...

The Market experience sounds amazing!
Wish I could be there!
I mailed my x3 sets of blocks last Friday so here's hoping they arrive on your doorstep at the end of this week or soon after!
I've blogged about . . .

Kelly Ann said...

Market Drunk...I love that...and I know exactly how you feel. We left this morning and my head is still swimming...lots of good stuff to see, hopefully my customers will love everything we picked out just for them!!