Friday, October 9, 2009

A totally inspiring day!

Today was awesome! Being surrounded by all of the best designers and seeing the newest collections of fabric makes for a girl giddy with excitement! I can't wait to get my hands on all the new stuff! Heather Bailey has an amazing new line called "Nicey Jane." She painted a picture of a nice girl who goes for walks with her boyfriend. He brings her roses and they are blissfully happy.......Sigh.... You can't help but smile when you are around Heather. She has an infectuous smile and it's hard to catch her without it. Anyway, new patterns from her, fabulous colors, it was heavenly.

Here are new bags from Amy Butler's new collection. I have simply fallen in love. And in Amy's words, "It's all about Love" And she means it! She has a great new free download on her website for a "Sexy Hexy Love Quilt." It's absolutely gorgeous and is a must make quilt.

Here's the Sweet Harmony Handbag

More great hand bags from Amy Butler. I can't wait to make my own!

Here's Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson showing the Accuquilt GO products. Lots of new GO dies have been added, making the GO a really usable product. We should have these in the store soon, ready for Christmas!

Anna Maria Horner had a great new fabric line and new patterns. I didn't get any pictures, I was too busy ogling her new baby! He's such a cutie!

There were a million other great new products and ideas, my head is bursting at the seams!

After a long day of vivid colors, wonderful inspirations and seeing old friends, we headed off for a quick bite at a local Chinese restaurant that boasts "off the menu" meals. They are a family business with deep roots here in Houston and they want to make your experience unforgettable.

Then it was off to Sample Spree. An hour and a half of mayhem and madness, rushing to get the sample goods for you! This is a chance to buy cut goods long before they are available in the stores. And let me tell you- it is madness. A proper event it is not....but worth it to bring home exciting goodies. And one thing we were able to get was Bali pops. We have been unable to get these into the store for weeks, but we have many new colors that we will schlep back to Eureka on the plane. And we do it all for you!

So now, I am off to bed, for tomorrow a very busy day awaits. I will tell you more about it tomorrow night.


TnT said...

just to are only three hours away. sounds like i wish i were there at the show with you. enjoy! keep posting!

Larissa said...

Take me with you!!!!!!!!!

April said...

I love Heather Bailey's stuff!!! I'm getting myself down to your shop for some quilting this winter - watch out!!

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