Saturday, October 30, 2010

OMG.........She blogged!

It's about time I posted a blog already! It's two in the morning and I have to be up at 6:3o, so it's not fancy! Blogger is having some trouble loading photos so I just did a few. Market was great today! We found so many new patterns, gifts, fabrics and other various new ideas to bring back. I am so excited about some of our finds and I know you all will be too!

Here are the ladies from the Michael Miller booth dressed to the nines. The booth is absolutely gorgeous as always, I'll post more pics tomorrow. Kathy Miller (the Miller in Michael Miller) is in the black and white polka dots.

The Easy Peasy girls had this cute bedazzled walker in their booth. When my mom needs a walker, this is what she's getting!

After the show, we headed over to Minute Maid Park for the Moda Dinner. It was so cool to be at the park when it was empty! Such a different feel! The dinner was delicious. If you know me at all, you know it's all about the sauce for me. Particularly the Barbecue Sauce! A traditional southern Barbecue was served, with plenty o' sauce!

Here's my dear friend Marie. I moved into the house across the street from her more than a decade ago. (boy, that makes it sound so long ago. I swear it was yesterday) That was when I lived in Citrus heights. I'll never have a better neighbor, she was the best! Anyway, she owns the fabulous Runs With Scissors Quilt Shop in Citrus Heights, and I never get to see her enough, so it's been great to catch up while we're at market!

oops, more of the MM girls slipped in!

It was a fantabulous day! I am looking forward to tomorrow, when we will be buying about 3 months worth of fabric for the store. We have appointments with Moda, Westminster Fibers, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, Maywood, Studio E, Lakehouse, Blank and more that I can't remember. It will be hectic and crazy, but I have a carefully detailed list.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Favors!

Beka and I spent most of today getting ready for Mercedes birthday party tomorrow. Several years ago our friend Vicky who owns Obento Sushi told us about dessert sushi and how we could make it with rice krispy treats and candy. We thought it would be a fun party favor for everyone, so first thing this morning we were mixing up the ingredients for rice krispy treats and flattened them out into a cookie sheet.

Then we unrolled a fruit roll up and cut a square of the treats a little bit smaller than the fruit roll. We put some gummi worms and licorice in the centers and rolled them together.

After we had them all ready, we sliced them crosswise to make little pieces of dessert sushi. They are so cute, and they taste really good! The kids wouldn't leave us alone to finish making it, they kept begging us for pieces.

They hardly took any time to make, I thought it was going to be a big project, but it turned out to be quite fast. So then we started baking the cake for tomorrow. It will be a pagoda. Are you starting to see the theme? Tomorrow we will roll the sushi, California rolls, Chicken cutlet and spicy peanut sauce and salmon and cream cheese. Yummmmmm! I love sushi!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Snow Day = A Sew Day!

I'm visiting my sister in Minnesota this week. It is far colder than I could have imagined and the snow is piled on thick. So today we are staying in where it is warm and working on a fun sewing project. My niece Mercedes is turning the big two soon and we are having a sushi party for her birthday this Friday night. So we decided to make her a fun Asian inspired outfit for the party.

The coat is a beautiful Fuchsia color that has little tiny blossoms on it.
Here are the makings of the pants, a gold print with Fuchsia accents.

The jacket has cute little ties that hold it shut.
Here is a really fun new pattern from Susan Fuquay of American Quilt Retailer. It's called Holy Snowballs and is super fun and really fast to make. This one is made out of Odyssea from Moda. It still needs it's borders, but I just had to share it because I am already in love with it!

My sis and I are having lots of fun, crafting, sewing, cooking and playing with our kids!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions- You had to know this was coming right?

We rang in the new year at Oberon, in Eureka. My girls, Larissa, Elizabeth, Molly and me, Liz.

So it's a new year. 2010. A new decade. I am sitting at my new desk, which we just switched out last night before heading out to celebrate. It's a cute little desk. I didn't really have any plans to get a new one, but a few days ago, across the street from the quilt store, Eureka City Schools was having a surplus sale. It intrigued me, and after our sale quieted down enough to sneak over there, I did. There were tons of old wooden teacher's desks, and at the end was a cute little one with a button nosed end. I loved it instantly and had to have it. I was trying to figure out what I would do with it while I waited for my unknowing husband to come pick it up for me, when I realized that I had driven the truck to work that day. It was meant to be! So I handed over by 25 bucks and they loaded her up. Just had to share, because I am loving it!

And on to New Years resolutions. I have never made any. Not a single one ever. I am very much a realist and have always thought it seemed silly to make resolutions along with every one else when most of them seem made in haste, not true commitments. I don't like to say I'll do things and then not follow through. When I commit to something I like to see it to the end. But I suppose it's time to go out on a limb here and take a leap of faith. Challenge myself to try even if I'm not completely sure I will be able to complete said task. So here goes:

1. (This is the obvious one) I resolve to be a healthier person in 2010 than in previous years. I have been working on this one for a few months now, so I have a head start. Just like many others, working full time and being a mom and wife have left me a lot less "me time." One of the first things to go seems to be taking good care of my health. By the end of the year, I would like to have a committed workout routine in place that I enjoy.

2. In 2010, I resolve to be more professional, to learn everything I can to better serve my customers and to provide a positive, uplifting experience for everyone who walks through the doors. You all mean the world to me!

3. This new decade, I resolve to raise up a polite, kind daughter who knows right from wrong and knows fully how to love and be loved. (At the end of this decade, I will have a 14 year old) What the what?

4. I resolve to continue for this year and many more to come, to grow my marriage and grow a decade older with my wonderful husband. I am looking forward to it!

2010, bring it on! I'm ready for you!