Monday, January 11, 2010

A Snow Day = A Sew Day!

I'm visiting my sister in Minnesota this week. It is far colder than I could have imagined and the snow is piled on thick. So today we are staying in where it is warm and working on a fun sewing project. My niece Mercedes is turning the big two soon and we are having a sushi party for her birthday this Friday night. So we decided to make her a fun Asian inspired outfit for the party.

The coat is a beautiful Fuchsia color that has little tiny blossoms on it.
Here are the makings of the pants, a gold print with Fuchsia accents.

The jacket has cute little ties that hold it shut.
Here is a really fun new pattern from Susan Fuquay of American Quilt Retailer. It's called Holy Snowballs and is super fun and really fast to make. This one is made out of Odyssea from Moda. It still needs it's borders, but I just had to share it because I am already in love with it!

My sis and I are having lots of fun, crafting, sewing, cooking and playing with our kids!


Lara said...

I LOVE Odyssea. Especially now that I can pronounce it correctly. That outfit = seriously impressive. You and Bek and steppin' it clothing sewing geniuses!!

Carol E. said...

I love that cute outfit!!