Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's funny what you'll do for other people's kids

I'm Supermom today. I don't hold this title very often. I'm a bit of a workaholic and I've always got a million ideas running around in my head that I want to work on. Steve is the one who takes our daughter to the beach, the park, the ice cream parlor, etc. He gets down on the floor and makes the animals talk and the dolls cry and all the other stuff that goes along with four year olds. He's wonderful with her. But today I am not going to work and I have the privilege of spending a half day with my friends daughter while Mom takes a CPR class for work.

It's amazing what you'll do for other people's kids. I tend to be a little freaked out by the idea of making a mess, but give me someone else's kid and suddenly I loosen up about the idea of a kid cracking eggs, measuring the flour, and anything else that might cause a spill. (I know what you're thinking....that's what cleaning supplies are for, get a grip, woman!) Yeah, I know, I'm weird. And before you worry that my kid doesn't get to do these things, don't. She spends a TON of time at her Grandma's house where Grandma has all the patience in the world. I hear that there is a lot of egg cracking taking place in her kitchen. I also hear a lot of, "you know mom, Grandma always lets me crack the eggs." Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Good thing you have a fabulous Grandma.

Anyway, back to me being Supermom. Our little guest has me loosening up. We got out all of the ingredients to make pancakes and they went to town measuring, pouring and stirring. We poured the pancakes, watched them turn brown, and decorated. They were pretty smiley the whole time.

Measuring the flour. Look there's flour spilled and I didn't even freak out. Although, Sydney kept mentioning that there was flour spilled on the table and the floor. I guess she's my kid.

Now, this Supermom is off to the zoo. We are going to go look at the monkeys and the bears, and as our little one puts it, "the mangos." I think she means the flamingos. They seem to be a big favorite of the little ones. Then we're off to the park next door. The one her Mom and I used to play at when we were wee ones.