Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've been keeping a secret!

I've been keeping a pretty big secret, and can finally let the cat out of the bag!  Many, many months ago, I got a call from Jennifer Keltner, the editor of Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler Magazine.  It was the call I always wanted to get!  Broadway folks want to win a Tony, writers dream of a Pulitzer, Film people look for the Oscar, and Quilt Shop/Sewing Center owners?  Well, they dream of being named a Top Ten Shop.    Jennifer was calling to let us know that out of nearly 3,000 quilt shops, we had been selected as one of the Top Ten for the Fall issue of the magazine!

There were lots of details!  We would need to submit an original pattern and quilt to be included in the issue.  So we got that done, but I forgot to take a picture of before we sent it off to be styled and photographed for the magazine!

 Here are a couple photos of our quilt that I was able to take in Kansas City when the Top Ten Shops were announced!

While we won't have this quilt back until the magazine is on the stands, we have a second quilt at the store made up in batiks!

Of course the quilting was done by Angela Davy of All Washed Up.  She does such amazing work!
In March, a team from the magazine flew into our little airport with all their equipment and took over our store for two days!  We just sat back and watched while the photographers and stylist worked their magic during the photo shoot.  Many of you wondered why we had a brand new Fall display after Fall had just ended, but we weren't allowed to tell yet! 

When we were in Kansas City two weeks ago, the Top Ten shops were annouced and I have to admit, we were pretty excited when they called our names and we were presented with a certificate naming us a Top Ten Shop.   

We can't wait to see the magazine when it hits the stands, and you can bet you'll find it at our store!  We'll be pre-selling copies at the store, in a special zippered project bag with our original Sweet Lil 60 ruler that makes the featured quilt a snap to make!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who make our store such a wonderful place to be!  We are so honored to have been selected.  Now to just sit back and wait for September.....