Monday, October 12, 2009

This little girlie went to market, and to Floresville to drive a tractor!

One of the great things about market is experiencing the new fabric lines the way that the designer wants you to experience it. There is a feeling evoked when you're looking at something new and seeing carded samples at a desk just doesn't give the same vibe as standing in the middle of the designer's booth. This is a corner of Heather Bailey's booth. She won first place for best individual booth. Not to shabby and not at all surprising. Amy Butler was right behind in second place. Also not a surprise. Those two girls are definitely always at the top of my must-order list. Heather's booth was filled with great samples made from the newest line, Nicey Jane. New patterns were present as well.

Here's her new turtle pattern. A fun play toy, or a super-fly pincushion. (Did I really just say super-fly?) It must be because it's 1 a.m.
Anyhoo, moving on. Moda always has a theme and decorates to no end. This years theme was Beach Blanket Bingo. Everything was beach themed and we of course played bingo at the Moda dinner.

Today we had a VERY early morning meeting and then took some time off from working to drive out to a little town outside of San Antonio. Our friends Tom & Tracy Rickstrew and their son Riley moved to Floresville last year and Tom joined the family business. Tracy delivered baby Abram six months ago and he is just the sweetest thing. He's so smiley and happy!
So, we were standing around when a woman who had come to the farm to buy was pulling away and I asked a question about what she had bought. Suddenly Big Tom was showing me a seat on the Kubota and I was off and running on the farm tour. It turns out that the very little that I knew about hay farming was totally wrong and it was actually quite interesting. Before I knew it, I was taking this tractor out for a spin. The inside of that tractor is quite fancy, mind you. They sure don't mess around when it comes to the farm equipment. That's Riley in the bucket there.


April said...

Liz you're having too much fun out there!! I love the pic of you and Riley in front of the tractor, too cute!! You'll have to give us a blow by blow account of the farm. The Heather Bailey fabric is to DIE for!! I love the florals, aaaahhhh! :)

TnT said...

I have an idea! Next year, fly into San Antonio and leave Sydney with us. Her and Riley can play on the farm for the week that you're gone. And in fact, your dad can come too and stay the week and work while your mom is at market. Good idea, eh?

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