Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mystery Quilting Retreat!

Today we wrapped up our Scottie Dog Quilts Mystery Quilting Retreat. The retreat brings people together from all over the country and all over the county. We have been doing them for longer than we've had the shop and we love them! They are a blast and there is just something about the weekend that makes me super happy and excited. It might be all the people, it might be all the sewing, or it might be all the amazing food. It might even be all of them put together.

We do a lot of retreats. Lots of different kinds and styles. This weekend was one of the Mystery retreats we do. We design an original pattern, make a sample and then give the quilters a list of what to bring fabric wise. They pre-cut the pieces and come prepared to sew! We dole out the instructions one step at a time and after lunch on Saturday when they are halfway through the process, the quilt is revealed. This retreats quilt was called Duck Duck Goose. I bet you can't guess why. We used Eleanor Burns small Flying Geese Ruler which made the geese a snap. Because in case you didn't count, the queen size has 144 flying geese.

This was Sandi Williamson's version. I loved her dark background. It looks so completely different. Sandi travels from out of state to come to the retreats and she is a bundle of fun! She always comes with a group of ladies that she quilts with at home. There are so many people that I consider great friends that we have met through our retreats.

Paula is a marathon quilter. Someday when we build our big huge store, we'll have to draw up a space in the plans for a bed in the back for Paula. She practically lives at the store and we LURVE her! She is one of the most special people I have ever met. And as my friend Amanda says, "Paula gives the BEST hugs." (Okay, no more capitalizing words for emphasis. I promise.) Anyway, Paula is super encouraging and sweet and always in your corner being your cheerleader. She always comes to the retreats and she's like a big giant sunshine in the room.

Crystal's daughter Sammy came by the retreat on her way to prom so we could all see how pretty she looked in her prom dress. I hope I don't have to stop calling her Sammy now that she's almost 18! Sammy has been a quilter for a long time too and she's always around to help. Sydney thought that one of the Disney princess had come. She looked so beautiful in her dress. I can't get over how grown up she is and we just found out that congratulations are in order as Sammy has been named Valedictorian of her high school class. She is graduating from the Academy of the Redwoods with her high school diploma, as well as an AA degree from the college. We seriously could not be more proud of her!
Sue Johnson-Thissell's daughter also came by to show off her custom made prom dress that Sue crafted for her, but I didn't get a picture of her in her dress. My friend Larissa turned to me and said, "our girls are going to be doing this someday." The waterworks were on. I practically started sobbing.
So, it turned out to be a fantastical weekend! My husband got his new motorcycle pants in the mail that he had he ordered, my daughter got to watch the Rhododendron parade with her Grandpa and my Mom and I had a retreat. Everyone in my family is superbly happy today!


BrendaLou said...

you forgot to say that at Retreat we celebrated Crystal's Birthday (yay, Crystal, you rock in the kitchen....retreaters LOVE to eat well!) and both Liz and I got to do some sewing at the retreat. Thanks to all who helped and all who came. Looking forward to October 23-25, 2009 our next retreat.

dscriv said...

I really like Duck, Duck, Goose pattern. Will you offer the pattern or a class soon?