Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making The Quilts We Didn't Inherit

One of our favorite sales reps, Jan Cossette came to see us today. She works for EE Schenck, which is a distributor for many of the fabric companies that we love. Maywood, Marcus Bros., Studio E, South Seas, Henry Glass, Blank Quilting, In The Beginning, just to name a very few.

I swear, fabric designers are just getting better and better by the day! We ordered the most fabulous line from Jason Yenter. It's to die for! It's called Floragraphix IV. The pictures don't even begin to do them justice. He has written a great book with patterns that will showcase these fabrics. The first time I met Jason, I wasn't very familiar with his fabrics. They were a little out there for me. But lately, every time a new line of his comes out I just have to have it! And it doesn't hurt that he's just about the nicest guy in the business.

Anyway, you're probably starting to wonder what Jason Yenter has to do with the title of this blog. Nothing. I was just so excited about Jason's new line that I couldn't tell you about anything else until I covered that. So..........the other thing I was so excited about today, is a new book called Link To The 30's, Making The Quilts We Didn't Inherit by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine.

Finally, a book dedicated to the reasons behind why I make the quilts I make. I should have written this book. The title says it all. I make quilts for friends. I make quilts for charity auctions. I make lots of quilts for samples at the store. But the quilts that I make for me and for no other reason almost always fall into the category of "quilts I didn't inherit." I told you about Steve's Grandma's quilt. That is the only old quilt I ever stand a chance to inherit, so that leaves me with a laundry list of 1930's quilts I need to make. Whew.

I never get tired of making reproduction quilts. The history behind these quilts inspires me. The happy colors make me giddy. I know I'm obsessed, but I can't help it. I dream of someday having so many reproduction quilts that the walls just break down from the stacks and stacks of beautiful quilts! So the good news is, I'm not alone in my 1930's obsession. Kay and Karen are right there with me. And chances are, we're not the only ones. I'm pretty sure my good friend Crystal might be even more crazada about these repro quilts than I am. I ordered several copies of the book. I don't want any fights to break out in the quilt store over a book.

This is the first repro quilt I ever made. I love the bow tie block. You just can't go wrong. Before I had crossed over into the land of maniacal stash builder, my Mom gave me a little bundle of these fabrics from a retreat she had gone too. I've never been a pastel person in any aspect of my life, but within the fabric world, this is my home. I made this quilt and never looked back.

This is my Candy Land quilt.....I bought some repro blocks at auction and this top was thrown in for free. It had the most ghastly border that someone had added some time after the 50's and was sort of awkward looking. I removed that border and gave it new borders and now it's one of my favorite quilts. Sydney was sleeping under it until I pulled it off her a few minutes ago to snap a picture of it. I can't believe someone didn't want this quilt!

This sampler is probably one of my most favorite repro quilts. I made this from a block of the month that we did at the store in 2006. Lots of 1¾" half-square triangles.......I lurve this quilt!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, no quilts on my side to leave you except the ones I made. HMMM...I wonder who gets my Dear Jane??

Love, MOM

April said...

I LOVE this one, such fun shapes, etc. Yummy!

April said...

I meant the sampler one. Oh, and I must have the book!!

Anonymous said...

Love your use of "Lurve". I can't get enough of that word...or your 30s quilts, either. Looking at those makes me long to finish all the ones I've started. They're so crisp and beautiful! laris

Amanda Elizabeth said...

ohhh those quilts are GORGEOUS xten!!!!

I'm so freaking glad you blog!!!! I came by on Friday before I left for Redding because I used that entire 25 pack of 2 inch hexes! I'm addicted xten!!!

Jeannette said...

Yes, you are indeed a quilter...lovely work...great little blog.

Mama MollyJoy said...

Love your blog, Liz! I love your narrative voice! And I adore all your quilts, especially Candy Land! Why have I never seen this one before!? I'm your biggest fan!