Sunday, April 12, 2009

Car crashes, Easter Sunday and a four year old who says she knows how to use the remote.

So, here's a blog completely un-sewing related. If you're still in, read on. It's been an interesting couple of days. I left for work nice and early yesterday. There was a full class happening and I knew students would be arriving early. I almost made it there.
A silver SUV was changing lanes and didn't see me. Soon we were pushed off the road and Sydney wanted to know, "why is that car stuck to ours?" She was a trooper. The other driver was extremely apologetic. She was from out of town and a bit disoriented. We were both a little shaken up and she asked me if she could have a hug. (I've never been in an accident where the other driver asked for a hug, but I thought it was sweet. I kind of needed one too.)
She was so worried about Sydney who had taken most of the impact. I pointed to Sydney to assure her Sydney was fine. At that point, Sydney had unbuckled herself and climbed up into the back of the car and stretched herself out between the window and the trunk. As I pointed at her from outside, she waved to us, face pressed up against the window as only a four year does. The driver got out her license and insurance and I noticed her last name and asked if she was related to a quilter I know. She said, "Yes, that's my husband's sister!" It's such a small town. Then a police officer arrived and when he walked up I said, "Is your mom a quilter?" "Yes?" he said. I told him how I knew his mom. It really is such a small town. By that time I saw my dad driving by as he was going to unlock the store for me. He gave me an encouraging smile and wave as he went on. Aren't Dad's the best?
So after we got everything straightened out, I tried the key in the ignition and it turned on. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to wait for a tow truck. Oooh, I thought? Is it drivable? Ummmmm, that would be a no. I hopped it along the few blocks to the store thinking it would fall apart any second. It did make it, but I'm sure not very safely. My dad checked it out and determined, no, it's not drivable. Bummer. I liked that car. One of the people in the class had an accident on the way to class too. It was a weird morning. The good news is, no one was hurt, she has insurance and the class went on! So I'm in the market for a new car and taking suggestions.

So that brought us to Easter Sunday! Sydney found her Easter basket, loved everything in it and wanted to eat candy for breakfast. Yikes! I'm sure this happens in every house on Easter morning, but as a Mom all I can think of is, are you kidding? You want peeps for breakfast? But in the end, we did have peeps for breakfast. I'm sure we'll live.
We had brunch at my parents house with my parents, Steve, Sydney and I, and Lewis, my friend Larissa's husband. Larissa was in Orange County with her extended family for Easter and since Lewis just started a fabulous new job, he stayed home.
So Steve, my Dad and Lewis filled plastic eggs and hid them in the yard for Sydney. We discovered something today. An only child is a lazy child. Without any other kids running around looking for eggs, Sydney just sort of strolled around the yard. So we put Grandma to work chasing her and
that sped Sydney up. Grandma is such a great sport!
Of course Grandma and Grandpa had a basket for Sydney and in it were some sparkly pink shoes. Sydney had to wear them home.

After a Sunday nap, Sydney wanted to watch Olivia. Olivia is her new favorite show. There's only a few different shows she watches and most of them don't have commercials, which means after I start a show for her I have about 25 minutes to do whatever I like. But, Olivia is different. She comes with a big long commercial in the middle of the show. Sydney thinks that Oliva is over at this point and abandons post on the couch. And I think to myself, "boy that 25 minutes went fast."
Well, I finally realized what was going on and so I took it upon myself to teach Sydney how to fast forward with the remote. That was a hideous mistake. I warn all of you, do not teach a child how to use TIVO until they can read. We don't watch anything when it actually airs, we just record the shows we like and watch them later. But now that Sydney knows how to hit the yellow button (the skip ahead 30 second button) she thinks she knows it all. Now I have to fix something every couple of minutes. She accidentally mutes, changes shows, fast forwards through the whole show, turns off timers, (I accused my husband of changing my Millionaire Matchmaker timer) and a whole lot of other crazy things with the remote. I'm going to have to hide the remote. Quickly.


Carol E. said...

My favorite picture is her cute arms reaching up to grab those eggs.

BrendaLou said...

Grandma had fun looking for eggs too! I don't think I've had an Easter Basket for 35+ years. You have to find fun where you can!

Jana Banana said...

Your blog is great - your love for quilts is amazing. I sometimes wish I possessed such a talent and passion for it.

The remote story made me laugh... reminds me of my nephew Kaden and the computer.... I taught him how to use it, and it is sometimes frightening the things he "accidentally" does.

Happy Spring!!

Christine Thomas said...

Wonderful post, Liz. I have a friend who gave her kids their Easter baskets on Saturday. That way they could enjoy their treats and gifts without having to "hurry up and get ready for church." And that way they weren't on a sugar high for church, either.
I love how enthusiastic you are about quilting, quilts and fabric. It's great encouragement.